Advent of Indies 2013 - coming soon! 

Yes, the Advent of Indies will happen this year!

Sadly, there won't be any prizes to win. This year we (Rat King) didn't have any time to prepare something bigger, so we want to concentrate on the most important aspect: GAMES. Just think about it, Christmas is not about getting free stuff, it's about spreading the love!

So each day, from December 1st to the 24th, we will present you a game that we played a lot, liked dearly and/or was an inspiration to us. We didn't constrain ourselves regarding the age or quality of each game, and there might be one or two titles you wouldn't define as "indie".

Our biggest hope for this Advent calendar is that now and then you might discover a game you didn't know before; because surprises are awesome! :-)

Have a nice Advent season, and never stop playing!

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