Day 24 - Beatbuddy and Secrets of Raetikon 

My last article for this year is fully dedicated to platformers, a genre I rediscovered for myself this year again. 'Beatbuddy' by Threaks and 'Secrets of Raetikon' by Broken Rules are two games I'm currently playing, which couldn't be more different but are both enjoyable for their own reason.

Beatbuddy is all about a beautifully hand-drawn water world full of music. Everybody nods with the beat and your little blue, sweet character joins the pulse with his headphones and clicking his non-existent thumbs. The complete dedication to music, rhythm and songs is what makes Beatbuddy special among other platformers. The music for every level is made by different composers. Moreover the sound tracks of every song are assigned to different instruments represented by enemies and obstacles, which creates feedback and orientation for the player at the same time. Even the characters speak in music and therefore use beat boxing as a language.
If you go with the rhythm instead of rushing through, Beatbuddy creates an interesting flow you experience from games like Guitar Hero.
Finding all the collectibles is additionally satisfying as you will unlock the developer's photo journal to show you how Beatbuddy was created and who the Threaks are.
The Threaks just received another award additive to the long list of awards they already got: two German Developer Awards for Best Game Design and Best Serious Game a week ago. Well deserved!

Buy the game and watch the trailer here

Let's move out of the water carried by the winds up to the mountains. You are a Phoenix flying through the mysterious landscapes of the Alps. While Beatbuddy guides you beat by beat through mazes of water caves where you solve puzzles and transport keys to open large portals, Raetikon is a calm and more relaxing game. The open world can be traveled freely by finding the different entries to the levels, themed by different animals like foxes or sparrows. While some screens are pleasant, silent scenes other parts of the world are more dangerous, spiked with thorns or with evil birds hunting you and your precious keys.

Although you have the clear task to collect golden triangles to free the caged animals of the mountains eventually, you can take all your time and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, explore hidden caves or help birds to bring back their brood to the nest.
Physics are very important in Raetikon, for collecting spread parts of statues, killing evil birds with thorn clubs or moving huge chains by flying against them. That can be frustrating, because of certain physic chains rather destroying your bird instead of the evil ones, but also add the magic of pickable trees, moveable, crashing stones and other details that inspirit this world. Which is surprisingly clean, but the graphics are fantastic nonetheless and create an even more mysterious atmosphere.

In addition to the game you receive a level editor to build your own world.

Buy the game and watch the trailer here

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