Day 20 - Space Team 

In short: Best game of 2013! Space team is fun and super hilarious. It triggers all my child memories of role-playing and pretending to be a super hero in a rescue situation. Or watching Star Trek and being fascinated by alien space ships and flashing interfaces. And now you can have these moments back, while meeting other adults on a conference or in the train or in a bar, tablets pulled out and everybody is concentrating as if the incident on the space ship is real.

Space team has no barrier. The game is free and everybody with a smart phone or tablet can connect and play, if the wifi or bluetooth connection works. You don't need to be into games. Space Team is so intuitive through the interface and low requirements, every newbie I watched playing will be in no time into the seriousness it takes to be in a Space Team.

All you need is communication skills and a fast recognition of the techno bubble on your screen. The idea is simple and brilliant: every member gets instructions to pull triggers, rotating switches, press buttons or adjust sliders that are mostly on the interfaces the other players see. So you need to work together – as well as calm down – in order to be able to communicate all the instructions. The more players and the more different languages you have in the team, the more interesting Space Team gets.

Rig Tetasensor to Fluxdriver! Now!!! Also on Hyper Detectors!

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