Day 19 - QuestLord 

That damn shard! I still have to find it!

But besides from my personal quest for the typical last artifact, I adore QuestLord, especially for what it is. It doesn't try to innovate where it isn't needed, because games like QuestLord are seldom enough on mobile. It's a neat dungeon crawler in the style of Eye of the Beholder and similar oldschool titles; that means it's turn-based, and you look and walk in cardinal directions only. There is a good amount of story and lore in the game, and a bit of humor now and then. Everything you want from a retro RPG is included, like dwarves, elves and monsters, swamps, mountains and forests.

At the beginning you choose one from three distinct races with varying skill distribution (there are three different skills). Depending on the race you get different gear and start at your home location in the big, connected world. Which I think is super neat, and could have been explored a bit more in the game, like special locations for each character later in the game.

As usual, I chose to be a dwarf, because dwarves are one of the more interesting races in most RPGs – elves are mostly the typical snobbish guys in spandex, and humans, well, they are humans. As a dwarf you don't use magic from the beginning, and it's kinda rewarding to find a spell book later in the game. But mostly I hack my way through the atmospheric pixel-y dungeons dwarf-style, i.e. with melee weapons and without a lot of thought. If you do it right, the difficulty is just right, and if you want a much bigger challenge you can choose a roguelike mode in the start menu, with randomized dungeons and permadeath.

If I had to name some negative points, it would probably be the missing variation in the story (for example, all quests involve killing and/or fetching an item); and I'd also like deeper dialogs – they are mostly one-liners. Oh, and if some of the dungeons also could be a bit more diverse, that would be nice.
Sure, one could mention more things, but that all would be a matter of taste mostly. QuestLord is what it is, a homage to a style of RPGs from long ago, and you can play it on your Android or iPhone. Awesome enough, in my opinion!
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