Day 18 - Symmetrain 

Designers often have to aspire a symmetric, balanced unity of shapes on artificial products. Although we humans seem to be symmetrical, it is just an illusion, because perfect symmetry is not to be found in nature. Just a human search for perfection.
And I'm not used to find this kind of symmetry in games. That's why the first screenshots of Symmetrain did puzzle me. What is this game about, what do I do with these identical looking screens?

But soon after downloading the game you will develop the compulsion to complete the beautiful landscapes of that are not balanced or doubled. Symmetrain is like a relaxing train ride, where you look out of the window and enjoy all the beauty that passes in front of your eyes. Your goal is to complete the perfection of both sides and re-balance them. Guided by a train - that even has a brake in case the scene passes too fast – you will explore the fantastic landscapes in a combination of infinite runner and 'Find the difference', plaited in an unique game which is excessively exploring travel, remembrance and recognition.

Get the game here.
I think Daniel's action figures are also notable and weird.

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