Day 17 - TECNO 

I'm very impressed by TECNO, mostly because of its technical achievement: it's been made with Blitz3D. If you don't know Blitz3D, it's a 3D engine you can script directly with a BASIC dialect (the infamous BlitzBasic). It also comes with a simple IDE. Years ago I used it for some prototypes, and I always liked the ease of use and many of the features it comes with, like robust collision detection and so on. Back then it made 3D game programming finally reachable for me, and that's why I love Blitz3D so much; in a sense, it's the Unity of its time.

The reason why I'm so impressed with this certain game is that Blitz3D uses DirectX 7, which came out 14 years ago. Yet I think TECNO, from 2007, looks pretty cool. It even has physics! The game proves that a pleasant look is mostly due to the artists' skill, not because of the technical capabilities. (Of course there will always be people who would describe it as "ugly", but those won't read this blog, I guess.)

TECNO also isn't the standard pew-pew first-person shooter one might suspect, but actually a much slower paced adventure-FPS with a prominent touch of horror. It really reminds me a lot of System Shock 1 and 2, which always is a plus in my book. Of course you can be a bit grumpy about the somewhat strange interface, and that you can't save anytime, but don't let that drag you down.

I have to confess that I didn't make it very far in the game yet, as I'm still bad at playing horror-themed games without the permanent urge to quit them and watch happy bunnies instead. As the game is free now for quite some time, there is no reason to not at least try it out. I at least was curious already when I saw the colorful yet nightmarish atmosphere for the first time (I just love abandonded space stations).
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