Day 16 - Knytt Underground 

Nicklas Nygren, the developer of the Knytt series, did a very inspiring talk at this year's Amaze festival in Berlin about “Secrets and Glitches”. After showing some tricks from classic video games he revealed places in real life he discovered. Like pictures of hidden little paths he followed in the woods or beautiful little places and doors he found where probably nobody else would have looked for them. He finished his talk with showing some of these examples in his game called Knytt Underground.

Like presented in his talk, Knytt is a huge labyrinth of beautifully crafted rooms, scenery and weird flowery photo backgrounds. In this world you play as a little mute girl, who is extremely talented in climbing walls. Which is also the main fun part while exploring. In every chapter you will get more abilities that help you reach new places in this Metroidvania-like concepted world.

Like in every platformer you have the screens with enemies and passages that you have to jump, bounce, fly or run through in a perfect choreography. But in Knytt these parts are not the only gameplay pieces, they are just rooms you go through once in a while, which makes them somewhat special and fun. In addition to that the character controller is excellent, which is not a given in this genre.

While praising the exploration, I have to admit that I haven’t found any of the achievement secrets, what seems to make me a shitty explorer. But I don't care, because there are enough rewarding things in the game. Especially climbing. And finding new passages you haven’t seen before.
So, if you love exploration and figuring out how to reach new places on your map, this is your game. Get it here.
And if you can't get enough from Nifflas' Knytts, there is a free Nintendo DS version of his Knytt stories, which I also played through while not sitting on the computer playing the Underground version.
And the superb soundtrack is available, too. For free.

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