Day 08 - Shelter 

I knew that I would love this game from the moment I saw the teaser for the very first time. Who can say 'no' to cute animals and an art style that you probably haven't seen before. Shelter is the perfect symbiosis of minimalistic animal characters that will find a place in your heart very soon and a tight atmosphere, which will feel - maybe in contrast or because of the look - very lively.

In Shelter you play a mother (or father?) badger that is guiding her five pups out of the den into the open world to grow and stand on their own feet. Your task is to feed them, hunt down foxes (noooo!) or voles and keep the little ones hidden from dangers like huge flying birds or waves of water.

The gameplay is very simple, whereby you will dive directly into the skin of badger mom. And if the animated series “The Animals of Farthing Wood” is still evoking warm nostalgic feelings, this is your game!
And believe me: Every child you lose because of carelessness will leave a hole in your heart! Awwww.

Get Shelter here.

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