Day 06 - Luxuria Superbia 

Tale of Tales is one of the few developers whose games I buy the first day they come out. I don't even think about if the game might be interesting for me or rated as a 'good' game. I watch and play their works since their critically acclaimed and also hated game or Not-game “The Graveyard”. Since then they showed me what different kind of games can be made instead of the typical level, level, level sequence with highscores and meaningless shooting.

Their latest game is – in some way, ironically exactly that. But because it's a Tale of Tales game it also contains an interesting meta layer about gaming, love and the devotion to gadgets. A sub comment you find in every one of their games. And this sub text is worth discussing.
Like every artist's work you can just examine the piece of art for its own and think of it as beautiful and impressive. Or you step back and consider the whole work and biography you know about the artist, to realize the work as another comment on love, art, relationship, communication and gaming. It is not only a game about sex, but a comment on scoring, tunneling through games to reach THE goal. I think this game is kind of amusing, including the fact that this might be the first game where you pleasure the game, instead of the other way around. Which means I enjoy playing their games as much as I enjoy discussing their gameplay, attitude and statement.

It may be the weakest of their works, but Luxuria is a beautiful, colorful and enjoyable piece of game. And always remember: “Gaming stands in the way of playing.” (Tale of Tales, Real Time Art Manifesto)

Watch the trailer. Buy the game.

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