Day 22 - Of Guards And Thieves 

Of Guards And Thieves is a game currently work in progress, but open beta and already a lot of fun. The most interesting part about it is that it's an asymmetric multiplayer-only game – either you play as the member of the guards, defending valuable stuff and shooting the thieves, or you're a thief, trying to steal said stuff (and sometimes killing the guards). While the thieves have the ability to hide in shadows and crouch through funnels and windows, the guards mostly have the firepower.

Both parties can use their flashlights, but this only really makes sense for the guards, as they can't see anything in the dark like the thieves. Thieves can use their flashlights for confusing the guards, though (so they have some kind of a disguise as guards). The game generally is pretty dark, but a lot of rooms in the neatly designed maps have light switches – constantly turned off by thieves and turned on by guards. It's already a delight to watch this. ;-)

As I said before, the game is still work in progress, and a lot of parts of Of Guards and Thieves show this. There are only two modes implemented currently: thieves versus guards (thieves have to steal one of six possible items), and survivors versus zombies (where the guards defend a Big Brain, which has to be eaten by the zombies). I didn't notice a big difference between the modes, sadly. There are only a few maps, and at least one of them is far too big for less than 8 players, so you will not see a lot of variation on the servers. A lot of the buttons don't work yet, like "Training" or "Tournaments". But overall the game just feels right and already polished, and you should join me in watching it grow to something awesome. Especially because there are always some servers online.
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