Day 15 - Hotline Miami 

Why do I like Hotline Miami so much? The game is very different from most of my other favorite games. Normally I'm not a fan of such an extreme top-down-perspective, because humans look just strange from above (especially if the game doesn't feature shadows). Also, a game that is action, and nothing but action? I'm not an animal, you know – I want feelings!

But yeah, the game is fun. Pure fun. And that might be the main reason why I don't mind the presentation that much – it's fast, it's brutal, and I don't have time to wonder how this guy actually might look like just because I see his head and shoulders only. Also, the vibrant colors and the shaking camera are like a trip and they make that perspective thing pretty much unimportant.

Also, the gameplay. At some point you might think "wow, it's hard" – but then you try the same scene several times in under a minute. And that's somehow the opposite of hard, because even though you lose your life a lot of times, most strikes are an instant kill and you always feel the joy of a perfect kill. It seldom becomes frustrating. (But sometimes it does. It's OK.)

And even if the story doesn't tell a lot of things or doesn't make meaningful character progression, it's shown in a nice and immersive way, something not a lot of games manage even nowadays. Full 3D characters with realistic facial expressions may look interesting, but always a bit stiff, and they never will transport an emotion like (even crude) drawn characters do, at least for me. The underdog comic style is something I absolutely adore about Hotline Miami, and combined with the drug-like gameplay it's no wonder even I have to like it.
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