Day 03 - Cube World (Alpha) 

A lot of people know Cube World, but that's not a reason to not talk about it. It's a game I bought/preordered more or less unseen (there is no free demo) so we - i.e. Jana, two friends, and me - could play it at a local LAN party, and for that purpose it was quite great.

The premiss of Cube World sounds awesome (Zelda + Minecraft + Secret of Mana + a lot more) and the videos and screenshots are pretty enough that I wanted to play it at least once. Altogether we had a lot of fun, even when we constantly died because of some enemies that were too powerful and attacked on sight, like some nasty mages.

Right now I'm not really sure I could recommend it to everybody, though. The game is pure fun sometimes (the presentation really helps, although music is missing), but we didn't have the chance (or skill) to get "deep" into it enough. Heck, all I did was kill some low-level creatures and sometimes cook a meal. We didn't get any pets, crafted meaningful armor, or defeated a boss monster. So it's definitely not a game for a few short hours, and I really wish it would be a bit easier. The good thing is that you can train your character offline and also use it for online playing now and then.

Moreover, the makers are a bit behind with releasing updates, but it seems they finally gave life signals on Twitter after some months of silence. Which is a good thing, because it would be sad if this ambitious game would die.

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