Day 14 - Splatter 

And now for something completely different. Splatter is, like the name implies, no adventure game but a classic top-down twin-stick horror shooter with zombies. I never played these kind of games before, but I played the hell out of this one.

Maybe it's because we know Thomas Ziegenhagen - the developer of Splatter - since many years through the German amateur game dev scene. Or due to the very German down-to-earth story combined with neat little ideas in gameplay and scenery.

In Splatter you play a young man who just wants to leave the zombie-infested areas and is getting closer to them by accident instead. Soon he will master all kinds of weaponry to shoot masses of all kinds of zombies. You might have heard of this story before. It's the weak spot of the game, but I found a pleasure in reading this German pseudo-philosophical character monologues and interactions whose rough character interaction probably remind me of classic German RPGs like Gothic.

What makes Splatter unique is the love for details like destructible objects, individual characters or the change of environments like the organic farm in the middle of a shootout. Every scene has its own elements like a room full of gas and zombies where you have to find corners with breathable air. Or weird quicksilver creatures that cannot be shot down, but are sensitive towards light. The light system is excellent btw and even important for the gameplay.

I recently did an interview with Thomas. Read about founding an indie start-up in Germany and his struggles with storytelling here.
Or buy the game here.
And watch the trailer here.


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