Day 13 - 10 and Alignment 

Just a few hours left, and then there will be the next Ludum Dare! Although not the oldest and by far not the onliest game jam out there, it most certainly is the biggest online game jam, happening three times a year. Right now you can still vote on the theme – and of course plan to participate. I really recommend it, as doing a game in 48 hours (or less) can be a very interesting experience. Even when you fail, you still tried and will be prepared better next time.

But let's not talk about failure, let's talk about Benn! Benn Powell is a member of the Ludum Dare community since quite some time, and what's so special about him is the nature of his contest entries (among other things, of course). He mostly does very minimalistic games, as minimalistic as games can be. For example, he made at least three games with circles only, two of them even with nothing more than full, single-colored circles (no outlines) only, and yet the games are all very different, memorable and fun to play. Just have a look at his Ludum Dare entries.

I really like his last entry, 10. The theme back in August 2013 was "10 Seconds", and Benn decided to ignore it completely – so there you have it, an abstract 2.5D platformer, only using circles with a single color each. You move around and with Space you jump from platform to platform, just to reach the exit of each level. You might wonder, how is this 2.5D – well, just try the game called 10 for yourself. Looking at the screenshot only won't do it justice.

But just because Benn is in love with two-dimensional shapes only, neatly drawn in Flash, doesn't mean he can't do the 3D. For the 7DFPS, another online game jam (where you create a first-person shooter within a week), he made a game called Alignment, and it pleasantly doesn't involve any guns. Instead, it's a yet again minimalistic Portal-esque game about extruding blocks from the floor and walls. A neat touch in this game are the hand-drawn hints and backgrounds.

Both games are free, by the way. :-)


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