Day 12 - The Cat Lady 

I never played as many adventure games as this year. And all of them were extremely good, very unique and everything else but the typical point&click adventure. The Cat Lady is one of them and got me when I first saw the trailer. What a weird and original look! Although the design might look a bit crappy on first sight, the collage style makes the whole game very memorable and full of details, which creates a deep and believable atmosphere.

The Cat Lady begins when the 40-year old Susan is committing suicide. But instead of fading away, she arrives in a surreal place that is confronting her with her own death. There she meets a mysterious old women, who tells her if she kills the five so-called parasites (serial-killers), she will regain her life.

While she encounters these people mostly in unexpected ways, you learn a lot about Susan and a mysterious girl named Mitzi, who moves into Susan's apartment. While Susan is a very depressive and sarcastic women, Mitzi is the lively and funny one, which seems to be a facade that the game is going to deconstruct bit by bit.

The Cat Lady is a game with very strong, expressive characters resulting in dialogues that makes them almost real protagonists, completely supported by voice acting.

Every chapter is full of creativity and nice little ideas like playing a cat, being blind for a short time, the flashbacks that show the character's past, the re-awakening or the surreal drug scenes.

Although I don't like this serial killer stuff and some of the parasites, the psychological depth of the two characters made it for me! One of the very few adult adventures supported by a very diverse soundtrack.

Get the game here.
Watch the trailer here.


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