Day 10 - The Sea Will Claim Everything 

Games appeal to me through their style. I care about gameplay and story mostly in second place. And this adventure has a very special and notable art style rare to be found: the children'S book drawings with crayons by Verena Kyratzes.
Together with Jonas Kyratzes and two cats (who seem to be particularly involved into the development for they got their own Twitter account!) they create very personal, political and picturesque adventures. Not in the usual sense, as the graphics are rather static, but in the way of storytelling which is much more evolved and detailed than you might know until you played Kyratzes' games. And they do without the stupid and typical combination of stupid and typical object combinations!
But as every good children's book there slumbers a heavy subtext that is often in contrary to the naive and colourful adventures.

In The Sea Will Claim Everything you play the visitor on the Fortunate Isles, arriving in Underhome. The place where 'The Mysterious Druid' and his fellow creatures live and recently suffered the attack of a hoard of creditors. Although 'The' (it's his forename) never had a credit, Underhome is insolvent. But its not just Underhome's problem only, but of the whole islands surrounding the place. Greed has taken over. People's work isn't worth anything and they got accused for being lazy. And soon you will realize that this story is not about a fantasy island, but a land that appears in the newspapers every day.

But instead of dragging you down with hard facts and numbers, TSWCE achieves to carefully take your hand from humorous, absurd entertainment and mushroom puns to a deep and very personal view on the sad reasons for the economic disaster the Greek people are suffering from.

If you love well-written amusing as well as sad as well as absurd stories with one of the finest soundtracks by Chris Christodoulou I call my own since recently, combined with an unique art style, this is your game!

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