Day 09 - Tolles Spiel III 

TGGC is a fellow German game developer, and he is very humble person. (That's probably why his name means "The Great Game Coder".) He works for Related Designs, which isn't called Related Designs anymore, but they still don't have a new name, so we might want to still call it Related Designs. He worked on a lot of the "Anno" (or "Dawn of Discovery") titles there, and still does it as far as I know. Also, since some months, he irregularly livestreams when he plays German indie games and calls this SpieleKost ("GamesFood").

The Devmania is an annual event in Mainz, Germany, and it is about hobby game development. As the scene became smaller over the years, the event (called "Dusmania" up until five years ago) also lost a lot of visitors, but it still is a highly entertaining and interesting meet-up of individuals with the love for games and development. There are project presentations and talks, but also a game jam. This game jam is the oldest game jam I know, as the first Dusmania happened around 1999 or so, and its game jam always was called The Overnight Contest.

TGGC participated in this contest (and won 1st prize) more than anyone else, and as he is so humble, his games are mostly named "Tolles Spiel" (= "Great Game") from the beginning. In a sense, TGGC is one of my heroes, as I take part in many game jams nowadays.

A game that particularly stood out for me was Tolles Spiel III (Download). It was made in 2006, using sounds and graphics handed out before the contest began (that's the reason why the snakes are skulls and spiders). So yes, it's a bit ugly – but it is pure fun, if you play it against at least 2 or 3 other people. (The problem with single-system multiplayer games of course is that the situation of having 4 people playing a contest game is very unlikely outside of a game jam.) It's a Snake inspired game where not only the players' tails get longer and longer, they also create permanent walls or become faster depending on power-ups. The great fun we all had playtesting "Tolles Spiel III" for hours, while TGGC polished it bit by bit until it was perfect, is one of my fondest memories of any Dus- or Devmania.


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