Day 04 - Type Rider 

When this game showed up in my time line, presented by the French-German television channel Arte, I was skeptical first. Nearly every second indie game seems to be a platformer, with the typical worn out mechanics and parallax scrolling black silhouette look. But the game was for free on the website and about typography...

I had to force myself to close the window to be able to get back to work! Type Rider perfectly achieved to communicate the history of typography and the love for letters from the first writings in a cave over to handwritten books and chanting monks to Swiss perfection and German minimalists until we finally reach the lol cats Comic Sans Internet use of fonts.

In every chapter you control two physicalized connected rolling balls through levels that are created with the letters of the alphabet and moreover decorated in the style and mood of the century a certain font is from. The game is kind of relaxing with neat little variations for every chapter and extremely well-done tablet controls. I love how the developers brought back all the stuff I learned back in typo class by rolling through the centuries!

Well crafted piece of art not only for typo lovers! Watch the trailer here!


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