Day 02 - Year Walk 

I suppose you already heard about Year Walk. If not or the game didn't catch your interest before, let me try you!
Year Walk is a short horror adventure game by the Swedish developer Simogo, known for games like Bumpy Road or Beat Sneak Bandit. And there is also their latest game – Device 6, that I haven’t tried yet.

But I want to introduce you to their beautiful, dark and atmospheric Year Walk. Named after the ancient Swedish tradition to gain foresight of the own future. This can only be done on one certain day in the year by abiding to rigid rules. Simogo succeeded to create a tense and gloomy atmosphere for the snowy woods you will explore. But the really unique and mind-blowing idea happens after you finished your Year Walk!
For the main game you download a companion app as well, where you can read about all the mysterious creatures you encountered on your dark journey. But you also get a password to unlock the “Making of” blog of the author. Which is not just an ordinary developer's blog and creates another meta layer around the game, which makes it even deeper!

I'm still so intrigued by this tablet game, that made me realize what kind of innovation is still possible in the genre of adventure games. Goosebumps!


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